This is the evening thread for Tuesday 18th May

I’ve already eaten gnocchi for dinner. My other half’s out to dinner later, and Jimbo’s round at one of his friends, so why wait?

Anyone got any exciting plans? Or hot topics that need to be discussed on a tuesday night?

Gonna make a toad in the hole then watch a film. Not sure what yet.

Can’t be arsed cooking anything. In a bit of a shitty mood.

Get down the chippy - I reckon that should solve both your problems

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Long day, long week, and it’s not even over yet. Making smoky bbq pork steaks and spicy potato salad for tea and trying to resist the 4 cans of Cobra in the fridge. Booked my jab though so there’s that I guess.

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Cheer up ffs.

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Not at all - sometimes a venting is all you need.

Enjoy dinner; we’ll look forward to Dewdney 2.0 tomorrow when you’ve had your update installed.

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I got a lot of work done today, so that was good. No plans at all for this evening.

yey to booking your jab!

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Get to have a snoop around Plymouth Argyle as well!

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Need to start doing some research reading for my new tour commissions but…cba.

I’ll probably just head to bed as soon as possible instead,

got the day off tomorrow which i’m extremely glad about because today was trying to say the least. have to go to the dentist but i’m going out for lunch with a nice person first so it’s worth it.

tonight, gonna eat escalopes and then… dunno. :man_shrugging:

The great escalope.

Finally found my clothing brand of choice


What’s the helicopter all about?

Working class men live for choppers


Can’t move in the South West for helicopters.



Had a ham baguette for dinner.

Really into the first hour of BBC4 in the evening lately. Currently got some lad pootling along the cut on his narrowboat and then at half past we’ve got The Joy of Painting.

Gonna have a rum and coke in a bit.

Looking a bit black over Bill’s mothers


Fair to say our mentions have gone a bit nuts (quite chuffed as I listen to his radio show nearly every day)