This is the friday banal

two hours until home time for me (need to pick up a pie dish and saucepan from 'troise)

not much else to report, feeling pretty fed up with the drudgery of life if i’m honest

wbu, huns?

Let’s see the dish and pan pn.

Gonna finally finish my education and training qualification tonight and then gonna drink some fizz :champagne:

Heading to Maidenhead for a wedding tomorrow, not really feeling it atm tbqh m9s.

Hop Hideout (DiS Sheffield HQ)'s 4th Birthday Party tonight so gunna head over there

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Feel rubbish. Completely worn out from my work trip this week.

Going to go home, order a takeaway, and fall asleep on the sofa in my Jedi Knight dressing gown while watching Star Wars.

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think I’ve got less than an hour to go

just had a fake penguin, about to have a pedal and a satsuma

watching That Pedal Show whilst deleting and filing e-mails

it’s just jay lew’s basic ones, nothing fancy, but i suddenly had an urge to make pie earlier in the week



^for induction hob

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Getting my haircut, help me decide:

  • No fringe
  • Side fringe
  • Full fringe

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Gunna spend too much money on good beers I reckon

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Can I just shock you, fucking love my induction hob!

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yeah i bloody love mine n all, really enjoy cooking in our kitchen and i think one of the reasons is because of the lovely hob and how easy it is to clean

So much more control than I was expecting too. Just thought they’d be on par with an electric hob :face_vomiting:

might go to our local tomorrow, they’re not massively craft beer-y but they tweeted a picture of some dark star creme brulee beer they’ve got on and i would love to have some…

have the last of a bag of sainsbos belgian choc and caramel cookies to polish off

:beer: o’clock in t-77 minutes

Karma cola cans are only 250ml, that is insufficient cola.

Got more work to do.

Need to also join them for a bike ride at some point but they do stupid rides for actual masochists so not sure

hoping to do some of these in the next 12 months

Found out recently that a cycling club in East London are sponsored by these lads, it’s gone straight to the top of my christmas list:


40 minutes to home time.

Oh I’ve got toothache too