This is the jewellery thread

Hello friends,

I don’t wear jewellery because I’m very pernickety and also I just don’t know where to look in the first place. Can I see what you’re wearing? Necklaces, brooches, rings, earrings, watches too… I want to see them all!

I would really like a nice necklace, preferably a long one that I could wear with high necked dresses… any recommendations would be amazing! No particular price range, I’d pay a little bit more but if it’s cheapsies then… good, very good.

Go forth my pretties!

My wife really likes Carrie Elizabeth. She has a sale on atm. Got her a nice necklace from there last year

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Mrs F likes Olivia Burton. That’s all I can really tell you.

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I have never heard of this and I love your lovely wifes style :heart:


She does, doesn’t she. I got her something similar to this

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I was just eyeballing that, it’s lovely!

Because Mrs Scorpio and I are low key goths almost all our jewellery is from here.

I have a skull ring and she has lots, I like this Mickey Mouse one of hers.

She also likes this designer.

I really want this Planet Of The Apes ring but honestly where would I wear it.


This is everything I have to say about jewellery.

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Amazing, please get the planet of the apes one. You will wear it, I will make sure of it.

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Inspired by rich-ts wife I too like Carrie Elizabeth. I have the blue with star pendant.

People Tree jewellery is also v good, ethical and affordable. Got a good few of their necklaces.

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Oh yes this is the thread for me. I love jewellery. I’m not at home today but will spam the thread with some of my favourites some other time

Used to love wearing jewellery, but stopped after having my daughter, for fear of having an earring ripped out. She has inherited her mother’s magpie tendencies though…


I’ve got a wooden wedding ring

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On your finger, I reckon


I really really really really want to join in in this thread, but I’m at a disadvantage.

The reason is that Mrs F has been doing silversmithing at a jewellers’ near here for years. She really loves it and she’s made tonnes of things. I’ve considered buying her the equipment to set up a workshop in our loft, but have resisted up to now.

I commissioned her engagement ring from her teacher. This is it:

Then my lovely wife made our wedding rings. Although I didn’t find this out until after the wedding, my ring has an etching of her thumbprint on the inside. So I am under her thumb for the rest of my life.

Like I said I really want to contribute to this thread, but the fact is: I know nothing about jewellery and I can’t really post up pics of the things my wife has made without her permission (which I’m not going to ask for).

Maybe I’ll just describe things she’s made. She’s got a bracelet she made with the image of the Thames cut through it, and she’s just made a brooch, that looks like a rather gormless chameleon, for her best friend, that she had to solder the tail back onto after she snapped it whilst polishing.