this is the monday evening thread


how are you? i’m fine, thanks. having fish cakes for tea.

feel a bit weird after taking an afternoon nap, i never feel right after sleeping in the day. i’ve got the fog, might give me the extra bit i need to stay up and watch a video game stream tonight :nerd_face:

wuu2 huns


feels like the night i’ll finally get into sunless skies tbh

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Evening Eric and everyone :wave:

First day back from a week’s leave has been pretty brutal tbh. I’ve now got a 7pm Foodbank meeting too, so that’ll take me to about 15 hours from when I switched on my laptop this morning :grimacing:

On the positive side:

  • I’ve got quite a lot done in that time and don’t feel horridly stressed
  • I gave my beard a trim and feel a little more human as a result

Macron is giving an address right now…I’m bracing for another lockdown :sob:

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tbh that’s exactly what we should be doing by the sounds of the figures they were throwing around today like they aint no big deal.

i’m starting a new job in an office next week, gonna see if i can sneak in for my second vax somewhere.


who dis

will never understand how anyone could choose orange over original

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Had a nice first day back at work. We were told this section of the training was 3pm-11ish.

I was on the train home at 10 past 6!

The day pretty much amounted to going down to the depot and being told ‘this is a train’ and then going home. Lovely stuff.


Waiting for a break in the rain to go and buy some food for dinner. Resisting making a plan as to what that will actually be until I get there.

Other than that just want to do some reading I think.

i’m still none the wiser. steam punk shoot em up? idk

I was feeling sort of okay, but I had a lie down with one of Kevin Drumm’s ambient pieces on and it turned into a nap, and I feel woozy as a result

also it’s rainy and I have to go out in order to play football :slightly_frowning_face:

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narrative horror rollplaying steam engine adventures m8

hehe love this

makes me want to buy Lucozade. maybe they should officially partner with From Software, do some product placement in a Dark Souls game

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Ok, so not another lockdown.

  • vaccines mandatory for all health workers
  • pushing for more people to get vaccinated
  • restrictions for those not vaccinated
  • from 21st July, health passes required for travel between countries
  • from August, health pass, vaccination certificate and/or negative test result required for shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, hospitals etc.
  • plans for third doses from Autumn

I bet many of you have forgotten how good Revels are. Go on and treat yourself to a packet!


I hope you manage to get your second dose ASAP :crossed_fingers:

may partly be due to the absolutely atrocious packaging design


Looks like it should be dog/cat food


the best bit is when you convince yourself you are going to eat a mediocre Malteser and it turns out it’s actually a coffee or orange one

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Stuck a frozen pizza in cos I’m so, so tired and cba making anything that requires more effort.

As much as I enjoyed the football, I’m quite glad it’s over. Can use that time to read or exercise again.