this is the monday evening thread



sorry about that! I was just enjoying the refreshing taste of Lucozade Original!

there’s no better way to get those ‘likes’ than to post when

(I’m not going to finish the joke post, that’s quite enough)


I have not been served enough water tonight

I’ll know I’ve finally grown up when I pick one of those purple nut chocolates out of the quality street box instead of the orange or strawberry creme

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I’m halway there though because I do enjoy a toffee penny

One thing’s for sure, I’ve lost all motivation to make food this evening. Might order pizza, because yesterday’s oven pizzas didn’t quite hit the spot, on accoutn of having to both share them, and a silly rule I made up as I took the last one out of the oven, 5 minutes before half time, that I couldn’t touch it until half time, just in case it made England lose. Not only was there 6 mins of Injury Time, but they lost in spite of my best efforts.

can make you some cheese on toast if you like!

Order a pizza so that I feel better and more mature for not ordering a pizza.

I could go a couple of slices. Might go a third if a hoof needs eating

It’s my mere maturity that’s awarding me this pizza opportunity

Definitely order one then. No judgement here.

I can put some jalepenos under the cheese for you!

What a busy day! Got to work with the head brewer tomorrow instead of my usual job so that’ll be fun. Just ate a mountain of pasta and a cornetto. Is it bed time yet?

and a what now?

I was hoping you would, but didn’t want to impose

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Revels are the best. I once had a mutant orange one that was the size of three (3) ordinary revels. That was a good day.


It’s the singular of hooves

I wouldn’t want to deny you of the other hoof

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oh the hoooof!

9 little dots of tabasco and ketchup too. Trust me you’ll love it x

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That’s the badger

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