this is the monday evening thread

Took my pizza out the box and it was fucking snapped in half.

The box or the pizza?

saves you a job!

The pizza.

Good thinking

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I’m with Bam on this one. Saves blunting the scissors.

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i am sweat

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you mean the choppitywazzers?

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Yes, sorry, the choppitywazzers. They won’t stay sharp forever

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that’s a good day in anybody’s book!

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using a pizza wheel is a fun treat about cooking a supermarket pizza imo. so good

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Just eaten homemade dauphinoise. Absolutely delicious but I can almost feel my arteries thickening.

What’s the average life expectancy in France, 35?


I’ll be honest, for once, we have a lovely firm wheel. Like, you know lots of them wiggle around? Ours doesn’t it means business and it means business. Happy business too, not that work related business.

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why did you make dolphin waz potatoes when it’s melting

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Chickpea burgers, fries and salad for tea was very good

Might watch some nonsense but otherwise… it’s waiting for bedtime I guess

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Thank you :slight_smile: I slept terribly last night - I don’t even care that much about the football but there’s something about trying to sleep after you’ve been watching something intensely for nearly three hours. Then I woke up with a whole bunch of work thoughts and made the call just to get up and get on with it.

Am gonna go have a shower, a cuppa and watch Parks and Rec :slight_smile:

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Was meant to have them yesterday, but far far too hot. Just had a big rain shower here so actually feels fresh for the first time in about 2 weeks.

Lentil salad again.

Watching that Hemingway documentary, juat hearing about all the animals he shot.

Return of the bbc quizzes tonight is it? Lovely stuff.

Evening all! :wave:

So bloody tired. Had a lovely bath after work so that was nice. Just ate a bowl of pesto pasta and I’m even sleepier now. Watching something on TV about railway trips. Might have a cup of decaff tea.