This is the most impressive/scariest AI thing I've seen so far


This is all going to end very badly isn’t it

wouldn’t worry just yet


Once more this film feels eerily apt

Stop making AI right now. Absolutely nothing good can come from it


A while ago AI was considered to be this moment, that when it was invented was something incredible and meant that a machine could basically just become self-aware or decide to act in its own interests and kill us all or launch itself into space. A proper line in the sand of history. And now it seems like it just means chat bots and related stuff.

Yet again, life has disappointed.


I found this awhile back which sort of uses a similar technique

bet they get all sorts of nonsense from commented out tex code

man’s pursuit to make himself obsolete is incredible

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^ this was written by a robot


I don’t think we’ll get to ASI even if the tech was there. You would effectively be creating God I suppose and the solutions it would devise for our problems would probably look a lot like a perfected form of communism so Thiel et al would take a hatchet to the mainframe lickety split. Or program it to be evil.

I wonder if our resident ai has anything to say?

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This is like the even more coke addled version of that thing where ITV tries to make a new version of Spitting Image and it’s just like the most fucking cursed dogshit CGI render of Nigel Farage you’ve ever seen

Nah that was actual Farage, dude.