This is the Saturday Thread

Hi. Post about your doings in here

Hey Rich.

About to go for a lil bike ride.

This afternoon we have a pub meet (meat?) with the people from our antenatal class.

Really need to go Dunelm and Aldi at some point too.


Greetings from Glencoe National Park once again.

The Grand Tour of Britain is moving on. And the next destination is …

  • Ballachulish
  • Onich
  • Corran
  • Croit Anna Hotel
  • Fort William
  • Portree
  • Uig

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Good day. Need to tidy the house today as my gf’s parents are coming to stay for 10 days. Oof.

Morning, haven’t been in a daily thread (or much of DiS) for months cos work has been 12-hour-day 6-day-week ridiculous

I’m working today but I’m finishing early for once and getting a pedicure this afternoon and I can’t wait to sit and read Twitter with my feet in warm plastic bags wrapped in thicker plastic bags



Just having coffee

Need to decide if I’m going to attempt to do anything this morning or if I should just sit around until the exciting DISmeat this pm

Goin on a bike.

Hi Rich. I’ll be playing footy this morning (home against Zion New Boyz) then going to watch the world’s oldest football club Sheffield FC this afternoon (home against Ossett FC).

There’s a thornbridge pub backing on to the ground which is, frankly, ideal

Morning all!

I’m feeding The Child brioche while she watches the Olaf Presents… series on Disney. We’ve been up for half an hour and we’re on our second viewing and brioche.

She’s being taken to soft play this afternoon and I’m going to do some chores.

I’m probably making some kind of veggie tagine (maybe fish though) for tea.

I’ve made a terrible mistake and somehow dont have much of anything in for breakfast. Gonna drink some cwoffee and maybe i’ll go out for brunch in a bit. Got a load of errands to run today and then going out for pizza later.

Park run
Out for Lunch
Multi-venue music festival ft Cassandra Jenkins


Taking some (other people’s) kids to this place to run off some steam. I’m sure that it will be a really chilled out, and completely safe / stress free morning.

Need sleep.


Been up since 6. Washed up a whole bunch of dirty stuff, got 2 kids ready to face Saturday, made porridge, packed their bags for a sleepover at their grandparents. Now trying to decide if I can make a DiSmeat or not. Bleugh


Snogged my old boss last night :man_shrugging:
Off out to get a nice hot chocolate and then off swimming.
Not sure about later

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Saw some pals for the first time in ages last night, met their baby. Very hungover now, in work, 2 weeks notice left to work off and will be putting in precisely 0 efforts into any of it.


I’m going back to sleep!


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What’s the new job?


(good morning)

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More daft stuff to pay the bills, will be applying to do a phd next year soon but until then still the customer service life (and probably during).


Mornin folks.

Want owt from the bake shop?

I had the last bit of Basque cheesecake, sorry.