This is the Sunday Dinner Thread 11-01-2020 - 2

Hi friends,

Sorry Iโ€™m late.
Very anxious today so please distract me with your dinner plans and pictures of your plates (frying pans also welcome @rob.orch :wink: )!


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Too late, I just ate leftover mumโ€™s lasagne.

Will get something from M&S for tea

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Hello @Gnometorious and frendz.

L is cooking us Korean pork (and sticky bbq tofu for me) along with an array of delicious salads and green vegetables.

Iโ€™m currently supping a bucks fizz. There have been worse Sundays.


Missus is ill so I went out for pizza on my own.
Turns out Kathmandu is full of pimps. Got asked about 20 times in a 1 mile walk. Not going out at night on my own again

Plz report back.

Hope your missus recovers soon!

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Sounds yummy. Pics please.

Tempeh ribs, roast potatoes, carrots, squash, tomatoes and crisped flower sprout tops.


Got a gousto box delivered today so will do this

Never cooked moussaka before so v excited to try



Greetings all, as yet I am unsure what Iโ€™ll be havjng for dinner but as soon as I figure it out Iโ€™ll be sure to inform you.

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renting in a place that has a kitchen. forgot how much of a hassle it is when youโ€™re cooking with NOTHING in a cupboard.

some bland food coming up

Meera Sodha ginger, gochujang, garlic, spring oniony tofu dish w/ rice and broccoli


Posting so I hopefully remember later, planning on smoked haddock, random veg, new potatoes, just crushed with a little oil and seasoning. Will try to take a photo.


I want this.

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Got a mac n cheese burger and some fries in the oven for before I go to work.

The various grazings in my lunch box for work through the night are:
Cereal bar
Salt and vinegar pea snacks
Leek and broccoli pasty type thing
Tub of mango, grapes and pomegranate
Raisin brioche

Theyโ€™ll probably get consumed in that order, too.

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Tell me more

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Not sure if they are a current product or just old stock that found itself into the shop at work. Decent enough in a โ€˜just chuck in the oven for 25 minutesโ€™ kind of way.


My parents made a curry with 3 respects and a trifle.


Leek and broccoli pasty? Please tell me more!