This is the Sunday thread

Oh yes it is (I hope)

Phew! 8.20 and no daily thread?

I’m off to do junior ParkRun in a bit. This afternoon I plan to take photos of the starling murmuration down near the sea at sunset.

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Been at work for an hour already thumbs up. Managed to calm down a bit about the situation from yesterday after talking it through. Still irked though. Here for 12hrs, yay stocktake!


Stocktake solidarity like.

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I need to sleep more. I really tried but it’s not worked very well so far. At one point I listened to the smashing pumpkins.

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Reciprocal stocktake solidarity like

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Had a dream that our cat had kittens and we gave them to @AdrianWebb, @NeilYoung and @colon_closed_bracket and they all arrived together to collect them in a VW camper van.


Pouring down, first tour of the year, timing.


I could just get up? I don’t think I’ve slept though. I’ve got to go to a work Christmas party at 1

Ah that would be a fun road trip

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Morning all

Slept badly last night and am in a bit of a dozy fug as a result. Really didn’t want to be woken up by the eldest at 7am.

I need to do some work at some stage today - partly due to my own poor organisational skills and partly because I’m really overworked at the moment and I think you’d have to be some kind of mechanoid to keep up with demand.

Come and do a tour here instead

Rain starts here at lunchtime apparently


Here is a totally bitchin field, and over there is a bitchin gate. Any questions?


And over there, that’s the motherfuckin’ sea.


Already had an argument with my mum about cutlery, so today is off to a great start.

Anywhere I can go where a 3yo will be entertained, but it won’t require me running after them, standing too much, or using more than a few stairs?

Day off! Up early (for me), riding stage 1 of the Tour de Zwift in half an hour, playing poker in the afternoon, probably lying on the sofa in a boozy haze for the evening. Decent enough Sunday I reckon.

Completely standard Weeber family Sunday protocol here:

• athletics club with 8 year old.
• drive to Canterbury.
• Sunday lunch with Mam.
• drive home.
• rest.

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Is the cinema an option? There tend to be family screenings on weekend mornings, which are a fraction of the cost of a normal cinema visit.

Library? Used to be our default option on a cold Sunday

A quiet Sunday out?