This is the worst album of all time


Right down from the cover (which falsely states what his last album was).

Arguably the worst minute in recorded music from 1:45 - 2:45 .

Supposed to be a tribute to “be bop” but only a couple of the songs bare any resemblance to the genre and those are full of repeated stock vocals and terribly produced loops that don’t sound like they’ve been mastered at all.

Just dreadful.


Someone in Fleetwood Mac making bad music? I don’t believe it


I expected something more extreme in its badness, feeling a bit deflated now

I used to actively seek out stuff that sounded like this when I was a teenager, I absolutely love the sort of music that you get when people who clearly have some level of ability just throw any semblance of what’s musically appealing, appropriate, or tasteful to the wind.

I actually sort of like this.



Wow yeah this is really awful! Can imagine my dad liking it haha

This is fine?


would rather listen to this than about 70% of music


If you like 50 year old men making orgasm noises and talking about “getting funky like Kurt Cobain” with defined vocals over MTV music generator drum loops sure

Laughed out loud when that track just started: “I want to be a motherfucking hustler”.

Tbh yeah

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Dream of Californicationnnnn


this is sort of incredible

like, I can imagine this being a fake album/artist

I can imagine Daniel Lopatin being behind it


Right band, wrong album. :grin:

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It sort of falls in that very patronising bracket that was popular about a decade ago of ‘outsider music’, where you got a lot of that sort of artistic liminal space happening. There’s a non-zero chance I’m going to listen to all of it!

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not allowed - can’t be the worst album of all time when it has one of the best songs of all time kicking it off

It’s exhilarating. There’s so much going on. Aaarrgh, from about 1:30 it goes completely bananas and actually shares a bit sonically with this off-label 1980s Miles Davis live show I’ve got on CD.

I’m really not sure jazz history needs Bob Welch’s particular viewpoint on it, but I’m kinda glad it’s out there.

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First ten seconds of that second track absolutely killed me. Who needs arrangements? Incredible stuff.

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The same “uhh-ahh” bit is used on four different tracks

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