This is the worst squash I've ever had

Horrid. Had to pour it down the sink

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You’ve got your great reply off me once, don’t push it

Don’t think Vimto has the same universal appeal, but worth a punt

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Just had a revelation (that is probably obvious to most people. This is the way to open a butternut squash, isn’t it? Slice in half and scoop it out.

I’ve been stupidly peeling the whole damn thing for years.


Hope you didn’t think it was a normal squash and had it cold. It’s called winter warmer

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Oh fuck


Genuinely didn’t clock the ‘drink hot’ bit


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It’s not great hot tbh but it is drinkable

rondey you plonker!

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It tasted like drinking a candle. Might try it hot and see how it is.

Wish I just got Robinsons

Normal Vimto is fine. Vimto with cloves ain’t

Ah shit, then this just dilutes the brand!

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What a cordial comment or something.

When I was a child I thought that ‘dilute to taste’ meant it didn’t taste of anything until you diluted it.

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