This is thread number 10,000 on new DiS!


Happy 10,000 threads, DiS.

What have been your highlights of New DiS?


It seems a lot friendlier than the old place.


Get outta here, you square!


Yeah, I think it’s loads friendlier.

+lots of newbies
+pictures and gifs and all that jazz
+barely any adverts
+no threadsmashes


Oh, and

+the 50 edits of the Rogue One thread title.


Yeah, I’ve noticed that too.

Any theories on why that is?


For me, it’s all about the introduction of plenty of new DiSers and the disappearance of one or two of the longer-term contributors.


A couple:

  1. A lot of people are literally invested in this place now. As in, they paid to make it happen. The increased friendliness might just be good housekeeping. So to speak.

  2. It’s a lot less cluttered and easy to read. That, combined with the avatars, means that people are more than simply names on a screen. Posting is a lot less anonymous, so it’s a lot easier to attach posts to specific users. Maybe people feel more accountable, and are thus friendlier as a result?

Or maybe everyone’s just really nice now.


i think this pretty much nails it.

i’ve lurked on dis (and posted very occasionally under a few different usernames) for a long, long time. i donated to the crowfunding campaign because just reading the forums, even without contributing, has brightened up many a tedious work day over the years. having done so, it then made sense for to try and get involved a bit more, and i’m really glad that i have cause y’all are great.


I :heart: new DiS! A nice looking forum that actuallt works, a bunch of new people who actually post, and some old-timers who have really stepped up as well. Not gonna circle-jerk this by @'ing people but in the spirit of DiSmas just say that I love you all and well done everyone :heart::heart::heart:


Don’t worry, we know who we are :wink:
Have a good Christmas wr


Does seem to be less arguements. But it’s still quite new so plenty of time I’m sure. Also, noticed that bellend clicheguevara lurking the other day so there still a few of the utter pricks hanging about.


Yeah labmonkey seems to have gone the other way since he arrived, into full bitter posts of hell.


sorry, who is labmonkey ? I’m not here that often so struggle to keep up with goings on etc…


I’m on safari.


I hope it continues to be friendly and inclusive.

The new contributors are excellent and it will be great if we can keep having new voices to keep things fresh.


the fuck you on about. I’m too tired for cryptic shit.


he means that labmonkey is now posting as i’m_on_safari, right theo? @1101010


Strong posting :smiley:


hahaha. I thought he was actually “on safari” and it was a new DiSism. :smile: