This is Thursday.

This is. Thursday. I can’t see another Thursday thread. I know it isn’t my job to post it, but here it is anyway.

Good morning!


Oh this is Thursday
There is no way back for you


It looks awfully big. I don’t like it.

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Anyway, morning all :wave:

Plans for the day:

  • make a cooked breakfast
  • pop out for a walk with the youngest cheekster
  • later, make what’s known in the CCB household as “chicken of amazingness” (with is the Persiana saffron and lemon chicken)

That’s about it. Today is day six of a ten-day stretch away from work and I’m trying not to feel a sense of dread about being over the halfway point of my time off.


So this is Thursday
And what have you done ?
Another year (almost) over
And a new one soon begun

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve Dis


Its Thursday, I’ll stay indoors


I had a toastie for breakfast which seems incredibly decadent even though…well, you know; toast/breakfast.

I drummed for 6 hours straight yesterday and my limbs don’t seem to work properly today. My tinnitus is definitely working though!

I have to buy birthday presents for tomorrow. Any ideas would be most welcome.

Report ends.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Plans today:

  • Pick up a Dymo label maker
  • Go to father-law’s and help him install the HBO Max 1 year subscription that I got him for Christmas
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon in the studio; bought some more gear yesterday and a few other bits just before Christmas so need to organise/arrange & maybe sell some older stuff
  • Will probably need to buy cables & maybe a stand or two
  • coffee
  • might even get round to making some music
  • Dinner
  • No evening plans so depending on the state of the studio/me I may continue until hometime/bedtime

…and that’s it


Just logged in to see that someone had tried to put a meeting in for 2.30 tomorrow afternoon. I thought it was New Years Eve Eve mate, not april fools day!

The main thing I’ll be doing to do today is ensuring that I do even less work than yesterday


Got my daughter Disney + for Christmas, so plans:
complete Hawkeye with the kids,
complete Reservation Dogs without the kids, get addicted to something else on there, and cook a roast at some point.


my last day tomorrow and i’m having a virtual goodbye meeting today. absolutely dreading it, can’t think of anything more excruciating



Whadya know - another damp misty day in Brighton

Main job today is to get hold of a food dehydrator

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Got a sleeping baby strapped to me at the moment, so it’s reading and listening to music.

Got some bread kneading in the machine.

Going to a baby friendly screening of The Matrix Resurrection or whatever the fuck out is later. I’m sure I’ll fall asleep.


Having a lazy morning then off to work this afternoon

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The TV had a cough for the last 2 days so we’ve been pretty worried. Did a PCR test yesterday, just in case. She had a LFT positive this morning.
We’ll wait for the PCR results but I’m guessing the New Year’s meet up with friends we’ve been planning for months is fucked :frowning:

I’m fine, which is more annoying.

Morning all!

I’ve got two people coming to fix my cooker hob and a lock in the passageway this morning.

This afternoon should be interview prep but will be Alan Wake.

I need to set up a Zoom link for Inbetween DiS: Staring Into The Abyss of What You Like Never Did You Any Harm tonight and send it everyone in that thread too. I’m still working on a title (which is the reason I didn’t do this yesterday…)


Bairns were at grandparents last night, so I’ve just woken up. Glorious.

Plans today are:

  • Run
  • Shop
  • Pack

Hoping the wife’s cold is a bit better and her LFTs are still negative.


Hoping I’ll start feeling less DISGUSTEN in the mornings soon which seems to be the legacy of covid.

Going to wash my hair later so I look presentable for DiSmas tonight.

Had a dream about doing a lovely long walk across the country and a huge (non existent) William Mitchell work of art behind my old secondary school. Excellent dreaming.

M is watching Sonic again on her tablet…might go back to sleep for an hour.


Is this snot related? Cos I’m wondering how long this lasts

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