This is Tuesday II: The Eveninging

Hello :wave: Been a while since I made one of these.

Soooo, what’s for dinner? I will be having salmon with cabbage and potatoes. It will be fine but I’ll be honest with you, I am not particularly excited about it.

Other plans? I will mostly be doing some training and maybe just maybe I will watch episode 47329983 of the x-files. JOY OF JOYS :roll_eyes:

*flips table out of the purest boredom*

:heart: 's for all of you. Yes you.

Evening Witches!

Done my run and my chores so now it’s curry and a film probably

About 1 minute ahead of me someone on the path I was running on was assaulted and had their bike stolen. Quite a busy path, loads of witnesses, the perps just walked off with it too. So brazen. Apparently happening quite a lot on that particular route too, which is a worry

Argh, that’s horrible :confused: is there another route you can run on?

Just finished work. Got some leftover pasta.

Was gonna tidy the kitchen but hmmmm.

Have 1 episode of Inside Central Station to watch. Then might walk

:wave: hiya

Having risotto for tea.
Nothing else to say :man_shrugging:


Please tell me what is on your pasta.

Yeah there’s variations on it, but it’s very much the main route where I am. Just annoying isn’t it? My partner uses that route to run and cycle too so I’m obviously Mr Fretting Man now

Aw no, yeah it’s super annoying and worrying. You shouldn’t have to reconsider something like that, is this something that’s gotten worse because of lockdown? Or has it always been a problem?

why are you training at this time of night witches

Same. Do we live together?

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Good evening witches.

Had a chicken satay and brown rice thingy - was ok. Still working, been given three new studies that I’m trying to learn and I keep getting them mixed up.

Simple chicken and pasta

Feeling hyped cause I’ve basically finished an album today


Its basil pesto and roast courgette…maybe something else. Might cut up some vine tomatoes and throw them in before heating up.

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Because I’ve spent all day faffing :slight_smile: haha. IT IS MY OWN FAULT. Boooo. I don’t really need to do anything to be honest, but it will just make things worse for future me so I should probably do a tiny bit. Got nothing better to do to be honest, except weeping :sob:

We’ll need to see his view to find out


This is very worthy of hype :+1:


chicken satay and brown rice sounds nice! I would like to have your dinner please.

:thinking: must try and think how I can jazz up my dinner.

Might go on a walk

Boursin is amazing on salmon


Hey witches and other friends

At work until 7.30. then home to decontaminate. Salad with egg, green beans and crispy pesto potato. A beer or 2 and bed.

Feeling a bit weird. Wife had the 20wk scan earlier. Everything was fine and good, but because the baby was being lazy and laying on its front, they couldn’t see the heartbeat. Nothing to worry about, baby is moving and everything, just means we have to go back to tick that box next week. She’s a bit upset about something related to pregnancy and weight and I’m not sure what to do. Does anyone have a link or recommendation for a good Chinese lucky cat? you know, the one’s that have a moving arm