This is Tuesday

I’ve been up since four am because the boy was woken by seagulls squawking. Now we’re watching Lego Frozen. What a great start to the day!

Now it’s your job to tell me about yours.


You are Tuesday
You make me Tues


Morning, anyway, @rob.orch and anyone who posts in this thread :slight_smile:

I am okay, thanks. Right now I’m sat on the sofa having cornflakes for breakfast, whilst piano and drum practising goes on upstairs. The sun is shining this morning so that’s nice, and hopefully it’s going to be a bit warmer than yesterday.

I actually slept quite well last night. Was having some odd dreams, none of which I can properly remember.

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Morning, ducks.

I am really hankering after a bacon bap today.


What up. Going to go for a much needed walk this morning before the weather turns to shite. Gotta wait for the rest of the gang to wake up first though, just me and TinyStack watching Anteaters on Planet Earth 2 right now. Furlough life.

Got productive on some job stuff last night, feel like I’ll do some more tonight so that’s good.

Will be checking out Donny Hathaway Live today on the strength of the chat in the ‘old stuff your listening to’ thread, sounds ace

Have crumpets and eggs to use up, what a shame.

Live your bacon bap dream man



20wk scan later on. Then a half day at work after.


Good luck with the scan dude! Always nice to see the little mite having a wriggle!

TFIFF :partying_face:

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Good luck later. Is this the one where you find out if it’s a boy or a girl? Are you going to even ask? Is it completely none of my business? Will you just stop asking questions Rob?

No finding out. Surprise baby. @Fintans_Cat I’m not actually allowed in, so will be playing in a park whilst it’s going on

Hope today goes well- always a big milestone. Sorry you can’t go in- hopefully restrictions will start to ease on that front soon. X

I woke up to a sleeping household about 7 and have utilised my spare hour of free time by staring at a wall. Feeling totally spaced out today and the weather has indeed turned. I suppose on the upside that means I can get out for a run- last three days have been far too hot even in the mornings (and last time I went late evening it was beautiful but I got eaten by midges.)
Child is now up so paw patrol is on. Another day of brain rot, hurrah.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Just done an hour’s yoga. Who even am I?


A zen like yogi, that’s who! I sat on my mat for a bit but it didn’t call me. Got period and not supposed to practise anyway while bleeding so I’ve consoled myself with that thought. “Consoled”. :rofl::joy:

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Looks nice today. We have grey skies forecast for next two days. Meh.

Summer is back on the menu (it won’t last)

All my friends are reporting feeling exhausted. I’ve been ok until the last couple of days and it has hit me too. Either we’ve had covid and been broadly asymptomatic (bar lingering post viral fatigue) or else it’s a by product of not going about our days in the normal way. I kind of miss the adrenalin rush of the mad morning dash where I had to get the wee one to nursery and then there was a stressful race to the station to battle for a parking space in time to catch my express train (which I missed half the time… but still, it was exhilarating.) Miss the chats I had with my commuting buddies and so much mundane shit that actually punctuated my day more than I realised. If this is how retirement is going to feel then fuck this. :rofl:


Terrible night’s sleep, dog kept getting up and being annoying. Urgh. CBA today.