raaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh good morning drowndinsoud



Morning cowcow, morning everyone. Back to work today, Arcade Fire tonight. Hopefully lots of back catalogue on the set list. Where’s good for a pint before the O2? Beer wanker places for preference.

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Struggling to get up.

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Hello. Listening to sting and drinking coffee.

1/2 ain’t bad.

I’m getting up…now… I’m up.

my dudes*

Whack on some sting.

Important Breakfast Decision:

  • Leftover pizza
  • Coco Pops
  • Pork Pie (needs eating today)
  • Some kind of sensible grown up’s option

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I’d rather have a bowl of leftover pizza


Morning all.

Today I will mostly be doing financial reforecasting. As we all know, this is the most fun of all the forecasts. It will be soundtracked initially by many hours of ambient music building into techno later in the afternoon when I start to worry that I’m falling behind and need to work at a more propulsive pace.


all of the above

Hello c squared &etc.

I started this blog last year to try and filter through some of the ideas that are in my head and work out what the best ones are, and where best they work (written, standup, podcast). I’d gotten into the habit of writing stuff for it fairly regularly and then got to that point where there were a bunch of drafts and inaction (and other writing things took over).

Just posted my first one in ages and hoping to use the momentum to get going again.

Recording another interview for the podcast where I talk to my mate about his musical project tonight tonight, which is good. Don’t have a very good setup where I’m staying at the moment though, so do it all while covered in a duvet. Gets unpleasantly hot by the end.

Other than that, W O R K.

Or take it up to the next level, and get this in your ears:

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Gone with coco pops, with pizza as a second breakfast in a bit. No idea why I’m even choosing, got nothing much to do today except eat.

Why have only 2 legends when you can have 3???


Morning! Have to do a presentation and a demo at a workshop in a bit, massively CBA. Also getting a smart energy meter installed, which is exciting.

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Fair play - you have outstinged me.

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I’d rather not if it’s all the same to you.

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Reviewing some code refactoring :expressionless:

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