This is what I had for my lunch

Egg mayonnaise and lettuce sandwich (seeded bread, egg mayonnaise sandwich filler)
Packet of cheese and onion Seabrooks crisps
Can of Irn Bru Xtra


Love Seabrooks crisps


10 minutes ago but I’ve not opened the can yet

Ah right, cheers.

M&S grab bag of feta cheese parcels, veg samosa and those chorizo wrapped cheeses. Getting my salt intake for the day.

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I had a mcdonalds mcplant burger

Chicken omelette

Vegan BLT from the whole foods place (5/10 bread was dry and no sauce just butter)

2 x Sausage Rolls (6/10 warm and greasy but too much pastry flakage)

Packet of chili and lemon flavour lentil chips.

Falafel flatbread from the new falafal shop around the corner, it was amazing but massive. A crunchy pink lady apple.

A 2 day old aubergine must be a pretty small portion


Ham sandwich with a bit of Mayo and a tea

Old tim would have put cheddar in too, but that’s just a treat these days (plus I’m not really feeling food right now which is a shame)

Was it good? I heard they were shite.

I had a battered cod fillet, corn on the cob and new potatoes. Cheers.


Cod on the cob with pots

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Corn on the cod

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