This is your annual warning : Clocks change this weekend

Why do the clocks have to change? I don’t want to drive home in the dark! Whatever happened to that suggestion of moving to double summer time? Is it all just for the Scottish famers?

Add your clocks changing chat here. Also I’d like updates on Monday about any colleagues who arrive an hour early / late.

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Might be the third last time they change, better make the most of it

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I’m not going to bother.


Is it the good one or the bad one?

the good one


does this mark the start or end of Winter II? can’t remember.

Anyone got anything exciting planned with their extra hour?

The good one, unless you’ve got kids, who’ll still get up at stupid o clock, but it’s actually worse because where they might have got up at 6 before, that’s 5am once the clocks change

think I’ll be on the sesh so… another hour of that

Probably going to a horror movie all-nighter. Thought the 6am finish was somewhat reasonable until I realised it was this weekend.

Fucking lad²


this is the bad one!

who cares about more light first thing in the morning?

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as @BodyInTheThames pointed out the other day, the EU voted to scrap this from 2021 onward. I’m not sure how Brexit will impact that.

edit: I see @cutthelights has already brought this up.

I assume all crimes you commit during the hour that then gets rewound are null and void? Gettin me some scratchcards, baybee

Might go out to a discotheque to steal an extra hour of dancing.

that’s certainly always my plan. Except for the plan falling down when the discotheque closes an hour earlier than regularly advertised.

I bet the tories make us stay in GMT forever. That would be such a tory thing to do.

Imagine, the sun rising at 3:45am in June in southern England.

Hey look on the bright side! Hahahahaha