This is your history test

Which period came first?

  • Ottomans
  • Byzantines

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  • Sumerians
  • Greeks

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  • Vikings
  • Romans

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  • Aztecs
  • Goths

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  • Mongols
  • Celts

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Mongols is pretty recent iirc, 12th century or so
Not sure you can accurately measure when Celts were created, we just dropped out the sky and got repeatedly conquered


I know nothing about history


Did geography instead at gcse but had a bash

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romans are like thousands of years before vikings

byzantine became ottoman eventually

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I will do so badly in this and yet I do not care.

The extremely accurate infographic I found from Google tells me that, regrettably, the Celts no longer exist.

aztecs are way later than you would think aren’t they


tardy as fuck

hard to maintain the moniker when we go to mcdonalds instead of boiling whole hog heads and ritually sacrificing our kings (very much), sad really

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not really. hundreds, sure

again, no.

I should say I’m guessing most of this I’m not marckee
also got the viking one right so stfu

that’s just being a less diligent marckee

dont care

read thread title in a papa roach voice

  • Yes
  • No, I need to resit the now-compulsory Nu Metal A-Level

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what did you find out? i thought rome was founded around 500 BC or something, vikings were knocking about in the 9th century, but I think that’s just in terms of when the rest of europe heard of them.

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isn’t that more than a thousand years?

Which came first?

  • Spineshank
  • Mushroomhead

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