This is your history test

  • Pyramids
  • Cleopatra

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OK well done you’ve successfully marckee’d that post. 1.4 thousand years. They were therefore around “thousands of years” before

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cheers pal sorry you felt the need to correct a good hunch

  • Cleopatra
  • iPad
  • Cleopatra (as in comin atcha)

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apology accepted (you fucked it at the end, suffer)

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we’re all sorry you feel that way, deeply

Feels like history is being made in this thread


I’ve tried to get history going as a theme on dis threads, it never catches on/

I got called out for being right! I’m outraged!!!

just for the avoidance of doubt, you weren’t right.

looks like someone’s trying to rewrite the history books


This is getting a bit weird now so have a nice time

I’m having a nice time because it’s weird.

What came first

  • Milton Keynes
  • Stevenage

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don’t have a clue about history even though I read loads about it and am very interested in it, my brain never retains any of it. on one hand it’s annoying but on the other it’s nice because everything is exciting and fresh

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Which came first

  • Bronze age
  • Ice age
  • Steven age

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  1. Byzantines were knocking about just before the Ottomans showed up.
  2. Yer lads from Sumeria were around long before the ol’ Greeks became a thing.
  3. Romans preceeded the Vikings you great 'nana.
  4. Would you believe that the Goths existed ages before the Aztecs?
  5. If you said the Celts lived before the Mongols: you’d be right!

which ice age?

the main one

If you did badly on the test you can revise here before next weeks quiz.

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