This Life

Let’s do a This Life rewatch, starting now.



Millie’s such a great, great character.

I did a rewatch recently.

Oh wait…2010 :see_no_evil: Might join in with this

Loved this when i was too young to understand half of it. Wonder if it stands up.


Rewatched a few years back, think @roastthemonaspit did too

Miles and Millie are dickhead tories. Egg a wasteman. Anna is a legend.

This Life +10 is awful :frowning:


Bloody loved this life. Warren :heart:

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Same. A real eye-opener for me, must’ve been about twelve when it first aired. Got really vivid memories of watching it. First time I’d seen people taking drugs, or being promiscuous, first memory of gay characters as well. Absolutely loved it. Only ever rewatched it once since.


Ferdy was the best character.

Kira was great as well.


Wish they’d had more Ferdy. He was also great as evil chairman Prash Dettani in Dream Team. One hell of a decade of TV

Never watched it, never planning to. Wouldn’t seem right without zombies.

On Episode 4.

I’d forgotten all about the Delilah storyline. Simultaneously very naff and very entertaining.

Possibly the worst thing that’s ever been made

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Dunno if I’ll be able to watch it again when they’re all what , 23 years old??

When I first watched they seemed like the biggest grown-ups in the world and now I’m not far off twice their age…

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Yessss, Egg’s dad’s just shown up.

The TV and I watched The Curse on Channel 4 recently and Ramin Tikarim turned up in the second episode looking all grey and sophisticated. We still both exclaimed together ‘It’s Ferdy!’.

I assume he’s done other stuff in the intervening 25 years :person_shrugging:


He played quite a convincing villain in a Sky comedy called Brassic recently.

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Still a very handsome man too :+1:

Forgot that Egg’s dad and Anna shagged and got on the disco biscuits, haha. Great telly.

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Reckon about 20% of Series 2 is people asking other people what they’re doing for lunch.

On the plus side, yer man Lenny’s just shown up.

Socked her right in the face, ha, take that you bastard.

What a fucking series.