This Little Mix legal action thing

I was kind of getting this until the suggestion about the 2 support acts also. Compensation culture or reasonable claims?

Whats the legal duty?

Obviously reasonable.

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Why shouldn’t the support acts be signed too?

Why don’t you start a label and do it yourself


“reasonable adjustments”

Sounds like this was all a bit last minute, so probably too late to get it sorted for the support acts as well. The promoter really should have agreed much earlier though given the size of the show.

I’m not really into music. not to that degree. Don’t really even go to see live bands.

Ohhh I sorry I think you were telling a joke that I didn’t get about the word ‘signed’. I ruin everything I touch.


Obviously if there is laws in place to provide it then they should’ve done it immediately and without quibble. Bit silly really considering the money that the concert would’ve have taken.

Pretty amused however at the thought of a signer have to sign little mix raunchy lyrics to some little kids :slightly_smiling_face:


what would happen if it was some little indie wanker band playing to 20 people, what happens then? Could you follow legal proceedings then as well? Dunno.

totally reasonable claim. More often than not concerts will not be fully accessible for a myriad of reasons. Of course, not all promoters will know what reasonable adjustments need to be implemented but in this case the parents contacted the promoter ahead of the concert to arrange for an interpreter. She shouldn’t have to threaten legal action to get this put in place.

I suspect the promoters were being tight and didn’t want to shell out for interpreters for the whole concert.


They hired one?

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We’ve never come across this issue as promoters, but then again, we do tend to put on terrible noise bands with no lyrics.


I’ve seen small gigs set up a TV with lyrics on them. Guyhousername does it at his shows, and it doesn’t seem too hard to set up.

The advice from Attitude is Everything is pretty good on this kind of thing:

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I’d imagine that the word “reasonable” would mean that small gigs wouldn’t be affected by it. As it would be unreasonable for us to spend money on an interpreter if it means the bands not being paid.

As for helping people with physical disabilities access the venue, I’m sure that’s just being decent, kind people and wanting to help a fellow music lover.

Like with building conversions and access in my line of work, there is the term ‘reasonable’ in there, which means that there is some leeway if a building is (for example) listed, or if installing a lift would make it unviable. If you don’t make your building/experience accessible then you’re losing business in the long term, after all.

There’s not really any excuse for not providing this kind of thing in new buildings or public sector buildings though.

This happened at gigs I put on at junktion7 and town mill. Including a member of the support at one.

That’s right. Where were you working?

Checks bandcamp for anything named “Deaf Mum”