This made my blood boil

I did a little blood test yesterday and had to post it in a priority postbox about five minutes away. On the way there this fast-walking scurrying little woman appeared and was walking the same way as me and at the same speed which annoyed me. We waited at the pelican crossing together and when she turned left I turned right, happy days, got rid of her. Carried on for a minute or so to the postbox and posted my little blood test. Turned back, went round the corner and as I’m approaching the pelican crossing again there she is. Stood at the pelican crossing together again waiting for the fucking green man. What was she doing? I was posting something, what’s her excuse? Absolute twat.


I wonder if that invalidates the results



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The fact that there was a really low chance of us both going off in opposite directions to then return to the same place at exactly the same time yet it happened anyway. Getting angry again just thinking about it.

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happened to me just earlier, mate. was walking behind someone, they started slowing down to let me past and they were probably uncomfortable with me being behind them, which is cool as I’m a big scary guy. carried on with my walk, and suddenly 5 mins later, they’re in front of me again. fucks sake. had to go through the whole ordeal of them slowing down and letting me past.


If it’s not the Blood Boiler 2000 from JML I don’t wanna know.

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They clearly wanted to check out your arse.

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Last week I did a couple of legs off the capital ring walk with an old friend, wandering round obscure back streets and parks in south east London. After a short while it became clear someone else was doing the same walk on her own since we kept encountering her, only she was clearly not enjoying it as much as we were because she looked pissed of all the time.

You need to stop following people

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Good spot this

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