This Myanmar stuff


Dark, eh.

Pretty bad when people like Erdoğan are noticably doing more than Western leaders (admittedly with his own political aims perhaps, but does that matter?)

What am i missing? On the face of it an army partially funded and trained by Britain is commiting genocide and forcing the mass displacement of people because of their religion while the country’s leader and Peace Prize winner looks the other way.

Admittedly it’s just one instance of bad shit happening around the world, but the mainstream coverage seems lacking or late in the day comparatively (first i’ve read of it at least, and i read the news most days), and idk, it feels particularly murky because of Suu Kyi’s (non?) involvement.


Yeah has been going on for a very long time. The Rohingya people have been denied citizenship/rendered stateless in violation of international law and effectively live under an apartheid state.

Lots of freely available articles by academics and leading practitioners in this field:


The only article I’ve seen was denouncing all the photographic evidence as fake news which is a bit weird.

Supposed to be going there in Feb but might have to investigate the situation more. Also supposed to be going to South Korea too so my plans are going well.


Another dark aspect of this is that if you look under any tweets using the hashtags regarding this, there’s a concerted effort by Myanmar-based accounts (whether they’re bots, or government employees, or just randoms I have no idea) to frame the displaced peoples as Bengali terrorists. usual conspiracy theory nonsense - photos of dead bodies, propaganda-style cartoons. often asserting that the Rohingya straight-up don’t exist. really nasty


Yeah, I think there’s a lot of reluctance to criticise Suu Kyi in the west after she was lauded for so long, but there was always a rather murky ethnic nationalism in a lot of what she said and certainly among her power base. Past experience in other countries where dictatorships have been lifted should have pointed to this being likely to happen.


I read some of the UN report about what is happening to Rohingyas and it is unbelievably horrific, and then suu kyi literally denying it and playing everything down after everything that’s happened with her. Appalling. And I can’t believe how all this shite about them burning down their own homes is being entertained in the news and repeated as facts that haven’t yet been fully verified due to the blocking of a UN factfinding mission. What the actual fuck