This new trend of themed quizzes hosted by people linked to the theme


seem to be happening quite a bit

been to one?

saw a video of Big Keith compering one and it was a bit tragic tbh


I quite like that it’s such a weird and kind of obscure Peep Show character


Don’t know why you’d go to a quiz where you already know what all of the questions will be on. NEXT


Can’t really think of any pop culture theme I’d be that confident doing well on. Like I reckon I know more about Peep Show than your average punter, but not more than a committed fan. Same for anything. That’s why I like trivia, it’s all about knowing just a little bit about everything.


Aye, I like unpredictability in a quiz. The delight when some weird thing you know / like comes up. No one knowing anything about sports and so just crossing out everything on the page and writing “SPORTS IS BANNED”, etc