This / Next (day) proper usage


Is Monday next week ‘next Monday’?
Will it be ‘this Monday’ tomorrow or will it still be ‘next Monday’?



It’s not Monday tomorrow.

But yes ‘next Monday’ suggests to me that there is one in between now and the Monday you are referring to.


yeah but if you’re ON monday, then next monday is 7 days away


tomorrow it’s ‘this monday’


1 000 000 replies


ALTHOUGH sometimes this monday can mean monday gone. This COMING monday is probably the key addition


I just said ‘Monday next week’ in my message and HE said ‘yes, next Monday’s fine’ and I took it as a slight tbh


yeah monday next week sounds weird tbf


Shut up


Someone should create a numerical system to get around this


see you on Monday 3

the third?

nono the third monday from now


sHuT Up


Am I suffering from déjà vu?


Just give different names to every day, never using them again. Obviously there are theoretically lots of days between now and the end of time, so it seems unreasonable to name them all just yet, but we could probably give individual names to every day for the next 1,000 years to start with for now.


Seriously, does nobody else find this meme really off?


i am pretty sure i am neither insulting yellow sponges OR chickens


None of the chickens in my garden seem to mind.


Good point, maybe split the numbers down into smaller sections that when added up add to a full section


I’ll see you on Monday 3, 5

which would be the third monday in May. This works!


How many Mondays have there ever been? Seems simple. See you on Monday 3442028290527645646.

Or give all the days of a year a different name like tropical storms get. See you Derek!

Dunno why I’m not in charge of these things. #vote29