This one is simple

Is it too hot?

  • yes it is
  • no it is not

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Getting right into the worst part of the year imo. Too hot at night so can’t sleep, sweaty and gross and overheated all day. Bring on winter.


yeah it’s going to be rough until about September now surely. Definitely going to get tetchy and into more arguments than usual as well :expressionless:

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Not where I am right now

Been getting some awful thigh rub recently though

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I really love being able to go to an air conditioned office

stop rubbing them then!

(sorry to hear that)

Could not agree more. Fucking hate this weather



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It is too hot.

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My office has no way of turning the heating off. There’s no air con and the heating was on full blast.

Working from home for the foreseeable future.

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