This or That... CINEMA EDITION!

bringing a full mcdonalds meal into the cinema:

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Sounds great tbh

best is when you get a wanky place with a popcorn machine and they do smaller and cheaper tubs than the massive cinema ones

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  • Popcorn
  • Malteasers or something else nice which isn’t a complete mugs game

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I like the massive tubs. can easily put away a large by myself.

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This thread is descending into this one

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same sometimes but feels a bit much if you’re going a few times a week

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popcorn is good cos you can throw it in the air and catch it in your mouth during the boring parts of the film


Small can of craft ipa and my own bottle of water. No food required


Only time I’ve ever done something like this was for Phantom Menace. Still can’t tell if this was a good or bad idea.

and a hanger for your cardigan and tote bag.


Leave them in the cloakroom normally

  • Beanbag or sofa or whatever they have in that london
  • Left my house for a reason, give me a cinema seat, dickheads

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You could do that with a can of cold baked beans if you really wanted to.

Would really hurt your teeth


I am tired enough that I thought Bond = Bourne


I assume you mean a can of craft Monster so I’ve voted for that.

(Genuinely took a can in for the midnight screening of The Rise of Skywalker so I wouldn’t fall asleep, pray 4 the people sitting behind me who had to deal with its overwhelming synthetic waft for 3 hours. I’m a really courteous filmgoer)

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ever got drunk in a film screening?

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only time i have was watching this

wasn’t very fun, struggled to follow the plot and kept having to go out to wee

Yeah but a particular Bond like The Living Daylights is a properly great spy film whereas no MI film is properly great.

Also Bond stars mostly okay guys playing a horrible misogynist, while MI stars a creepy Scientologist playing a superhero

Yeah, Finding Nemo