This place is somewhat interesting


Tunnel collapses, town isolated, killer starts picking off the ruin porn hipster tourists. Is it one of their number, a remnant from the old town or something altogether more sinister. Can they get the phone mast up and running and survive until help comes? Find out on DiS3 this Spring.

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That sounds like a much better version of Fortitude. Get Sky Atlantic to fund it, we’ll bash out a pilot script on here in a day.

It’s a bit more like The Chalet which was a lot more fun than Fortitude and that no other human has watched.

I’ve never even heard of it. If nobody else has seen it we could probably just use that script then, saves us a job.

Does it have gratuitous nudity? Because we’ll need that.

Yeah and also when (in the flashback) the family turn up at the chalet, the husband and wife go upstairs and he just starts sucking her tits, no real ‘stay downstairs kids’ or any of that shit. Just straight in.

Okay, that’s not entirely what I expected but it’s probably fine I suppose.

You don’t see nipples but you get a good idea that she probably has some.