This podcast is sponsored by manscaped and better help

No shit mate they literally all are


some of them are sponsored by meundies and stamps dot com

(storms into thread, throws coat on the ground)

God - don’t you guys hate how FUCKING hard it is to design a website


Dont forget Hello Fresh.

have they rebadged harry’s razors

Mail… cimp?


Anyone tried watching a film on Plex?

Had an ad break every ten minutes and literally the only two adverts were Google Pixel and Hilton hotels, on a 7-strong loop each time

Ah, so it’s 4od then


there’s a bloke on that dominos pizza ad and his face really annoys me for some reason when he leans in for that slice of his pizza

Would love a mattress adverts comeback if it meant the end of Charlie Bigham

Advert is putting me off the (very good) product at this point. Fucking osman!

Bought a new microphone for work last week and before I’d left the shop Squarespace were asking if I’d like to tell all my listeners how they’d get 10% off a full year with offer code LONELYFUCKINGWEIRDO.


Some are sponsored by iLovePodMedia :wink:

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Don’t forget about BlewChew

So put another dime in the jukebox baby

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Would really love to look at the market research SquareSpace did that made them decide their target audience is 20 somethings that watch video essays.


you all need more Sam Riegel in your life

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Tbf mubi absolutely nailed that