This review of the Cabbage album is a disgrace


Can’t believe this is even on the website.

This DiS review / retweet

that is absolutely fucking appalling.

expect this to be removed promptly. I’m cancelling my patreon until it is


Are they innocent of the alleged offence?




Investigation not taken further. Couldn’t find anything beyond that.


I don’t see why the review is a disgrace then.




Using that sort of language about sexual assault allegations, when there’s such a problem with victims not being taken seriously, is tonedeaf and irresponsible journalism


Also absolutely imagine calling your band ‘cabbage’


And shamefully apologist


I understand that. If the band member is guilty he really should be prosecuted. If he’s innocent I don’t see why the album being reviewed is a disgrace.


The album being reviewed is fine.
The review is a disgrace


The OP states that they can’t believe it’s on the website. I agree the review is a disgrace.


Does Dom Gourlay post on the new boards? Didn’t expect to see his name against the review.


I’m assuming he means the review rather than any cabbage review but not gunna put words in his mouth.
For my part they absolutely warrant having their music reviewed or whatever but the tone of the contextual stuff in the review is unnecessary and inflammatory to the point of reading like a reddit post


AFAIK the incident itself is now widely accepted as having been a misunderstanding (could be wrong on this mind), but calling people libellous and distasteful for calling out an incident they innocently seemingly mistook as being an assault, in the interest of making gigs safer for women, is not a good look at all.


getting (rightly) called out on twitter, not least by hookworms:


Ah i misunderstood.


The original tweet was third hand and made by someone who wasn’t at the gig and had multiple errors such as the date of the actual incident happening. The band had spoken to the woman at the centre of her incident and her father after the gig, though I’m not sure if she has said anything publically.


there is still footage of the guy singing in front of an audience with his hands down his trousers/pants, apparently fondling himself, which is pretty disturbing behaviour. seems weird to claim that they have been totally and unfairly vilified in a trial by social media. even if they were cleared of that specific allegation i think there are still questions to be asked.