This "revisionist" view of pop music

Don’t know if I’m missing the point of this thread, surely there’s always been both good and bad pop music, and the good stuff has always been respected? Anybody not accepting the quality of Simon & Garfunkel in the 60s, or Michael Jackson/Madonna/Whitney Huston in the 80s was obviously wrong and a dickhead. Then there’s stuff in the charts that just squarely aims to be catchy and entertaining and achieves that, what’s the difference between enjoying Little Mix and enjoying The Shangri-Las or The Ronnettes (except for the obvious bonus of not being one of those “I’m only into 60s things even though I’m 32” weirdos, fuck those people)?

What I’m saying is that anybody who doesn’t like Taylor Swift is probably loner serial killer.

Quite a claim

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Yeah tbh I hate Damon Albarn a lot, but Adele’s clearly middle of the road, can’t really argue that, and it’s not an insult. Bridge Over Troubled Water is pretty fucking middle of the road, and it’s brilliant.

Adele tho, forgettable arrangements and tunes with clunky lyrics and one-note subject matter. Wish people would stop going on as if her shit chat was funny as well.

music’s just a bit fucking easy isn’t it? Pretty depressing when you dedicate your life to something with no purpose whatsoever.

idk, in an infinite universe, pretty much everything a person can dedicate their lives to has no purpose whatsoever. You can do a lot worse than having people pay money to standing watching you do stuff and then clap and go woo when you’re done. On balance, music is actually fine really.

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