This situation with Qatar then

This will probably be… Fine? :worried:

Saudi Arabia accusing Qatar of supporting extremism. I think my pot-kettle-black meter just exploded.



Was reading a bit about it this morning. Seems to be a really sudden and dramatic reaction - doesn’t look to have been any diplomatic goings on and seems to have gone straight to a blockade.

Rather than looking at implications for Qatar and folk who live there, etc, most of what I read seemed to be worrying that Qatar Airways might have to fly ‘round the houses’ and take a bit longer, naturally (file in the ‘First World Problems’ thread)

Will FIFA care?

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Aye, it seems like it’s properly escalated really quickly.

Talk of Al Jazeera being shut down and stuff, Iran wading in to support seems like a potentially very serious situation brewing…

Will they fuck!


It flared up a few years ago, and the issue was never really resolved.

I think this is a fairly decent quick summary. If anyone has anything better, please post it:

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My friend teaches in Qatar and she was getting a bit concerned about all this earlier. I don’t really know what it’s going to mean for people living there but hopefully things won’t get bad.

I have a mate who moved there too and is also getting very twitchy.

“I can’t believe I moved to Qatar and this happened! Out of nowhere!”

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Yeah, this is definitely fine…

Can someone merge my Tehran terror thread with this one thanks

Yeah, definitely all ok…

I’m a bit surprised Qatar and the UAE haven’t spent years investing trillions of pounds oversees to soften Westerners up ahead of these sort of potential disagreements.

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The US has never forgiven Iran for the embassy hostage crisis. It’s not just the Republicans, it’s across the political spectrum. Observation based on The New Yorker editorials that are surprisingly anti Iran. Think Obama’s administration was an exception.