This Smoking Ban Then

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My initial thought is bans dont work, it will slowly lead to a black market and the UK government do not need more authority jfc
On the other hand smoking is bad for you
On the other hand so is everything


Honestly couldn’t go back to having smoking in pubs, clubs, etc. The smell on your clothes was maybe the worst bit of a hangover.


Chris Witty likes it (the ban not the fags)

I have thought about it for 20 seconds and decided I don’t really care, plus there are literally a thousand more pressing matters parliament could be looking at


Wonder what all the ‘personal freedom, your body so do what you want’ pro-smoking tories think about weed legalisation


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I’m in favour of it because there is strong evidence that it will improve population health


My partner is a researcher in this area. Basically - while it’s not say there aren’t new smokers amongst the kids, they’re largely vaping instead.

So it’s unlikely there’ll be a black market for cigarettes, even discounting they’ll still be widely available for another fifty years anyway based on what this legislation looks to do.

And all the tobacco companies have moved into vaping anyway, which is why you’re not hearing much of a fuss over this from them.


Why did New Zealand reverse their ban? Was it a change in government or was it public opinion?

Change of government, and they wanted to use the revenue to fund tax cuts.

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I assume the idea is savings to the nhs outweigh the tax income?

As an ex smoker who always smoked outside anyway I couldn’t give a shit

I guess. It’s only 1% of government income anyway.

And a phased ban like this will be an extremely gradual reduction anyway.

Liz Truss and the ‘tHeY’RE trYiNg tO ConTrOl Us’ brigade hate it so I’m fully in favour.

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Nah, I think it is shite, as we should be legalising weed not blocking smokes


No fan of smoking but it sounds utterly ridiculous. Young people have less and less interest in smoking anyway

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I love a fag now and then. Terrible for it. Don’t mind the odd vape either. But yeah, ban it. Horrible muck. Lovely fags.


I was shocked to read that only 1 in 8 people in the UK now smoke. Would’ve guessed 1 in 4 if not more. Surely that number doesn’t include vapers, who the rough eye tests suggests probably outnumber tobacco smokers now maybe, not checked.

I think it’s a good idea, but then I’m probably a bit of a communist about this stuff now. I’d ban cars (with some caveats) and heavily regulate alcohol as well. Wouldn’t claim to not be a massive hypocrite of course.

That said, agree that bans largely don’t work. Think it’s something which will naturally just die out. Each generation seems more health conscious than the one before on the whole.


How could anyone be against this?