This Smoking Ban Then

it gets described as a ban but really it’s a phasing out and that’s why it will work, people born in 2010 or 2011 will still find ways to get smokes if they want them, but people born in 2030 just won’t grow up with the idea of smoking around them, it’ll be an old people thing and therefore deeply uncool

vaping on the other hand is a rather different question


Just ban it from all public spaces, indoor, outdoor, everywhere.

Haven’t really thought this through but why not.

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agreed only if they legalise weed

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Don’t really want everywhere stinking of that either tbh, though I have no issue with it being legalised generally

I’m all in favour. I’ve really not paid enough into a pension, so if I make it to old age it’ll be nice to have a sideline flogging tobacco to younguns.

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Exactly this, won’t affect anyone who currently smokes, young people don’t care anyway, kids and other vulnerable people stop getting exposed to smoke they never asked for, all good.


Ban vapes and bring back smoking imo


Never been a tobacco smoker, in fact I fully hate it. But something about this triggers my hithero dormant libertarian, really weird.

I voted “bad idea” but I think the other posts here have changed my mind


Smoking’s shite. Get rid.


I want a future where this is a UK number one


I’ll have to break the news to both Cheeksters that I’ll no longer be buying them a pack of 20 B&H on their 18th birthday.

I’m in favour


Struggle with the fact that I think they should legalise/decriminalise a lot of other stuff, and yet I don’t think it’s a bad idea to work towards a ban on smoking tobacco. Do think it should be a last resort to ban it outright though. Ban it in public spaces, make it so it’s only available in non-labelled packs from government stores that you have to sign up to be a smoker and agree to get pummelled by anti-smoking propaganda, whatever. I imagine by the time they take enough steps towards banning it, finally there won’t be enough people doing it for it to be worthwhile to bother.

The fact that it would be outright banned to smoke tobacco (which I think still holds cultural significance for quite a lot of minority groups) seems a bit much.

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I’m usually against banning stuff generally but I think smoking is different. Most smokers want to stop, but it’s so addictive that many attempts to quit fail.


I was a smoker when the smoking ban came in and it was brilliant, it really helped me quit smoking as well.
Now days, I really am one of those ex smoker wankers, even the smell of a cig as someone is walking down the street pisses me off. Just hate it.
So yea, phase it out.

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On one hand I don’t think the state should have any say on what I put into my own body.

On the other hand the tobacco industry profits hugely from this extremely harmful substance and the burden on public health is huge.

Focusing on the not being able to buy seems like a good thing to me.

I love the ban in indoor public places - so nice to be able to be out without honking of fags and not having to worry about your kids breathing it in too. Was completely happy to smoke outside when I was a smoker. And yeah it completely helped me quit. I do still love the smell of a smoke on the street though.


I’m someone who can genuinely imagine becoming a smoker if it was a bit more convenient / cheaper

so I’m really in favour of restrictions

this kind of policy is years in the making and does come from working with smokers themselves (most of whom recognise the harms and want to quit the habit)


Just read on wikipedia that the prevalence of secondhand smoke exposure among U.S. nonsmokers declined from 87.5% in 1988 to 25.2% in 2014.

That’s pretty nuts.

I’m for the phasing out.

I’d also make it so that anyone caught dropping butts or single use vapes(can’t be banned fast enough) on the floor got a public flogging.

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Ban all vapes as well while we’re at it, going along honking on a little flavoured nicotine saxophone, just silly.