This sunny weather... (filthy thread)

…has got me in the mood for some filth.

  • Not at all
  • Maybe later
  • Bit of cuddling
  • A kiss, please
  • Fingering/wanking someone off
  • Gobbing someone off
  • Full shagging please
  • Something far more sordid (explain yourself)

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It’s not sunny


Can’t really be arsed today
When it’s all this drab and
Boring today and
All that, it’s hard to
Find the enthusiasm for something so
Tawdry as a crazy orgy

It is here.

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@Mert_Aksac explain yourself.

i could eat an ass


This type of sunny weather is like a false positive, will probably feel differently when it’s really summery :sunny::beach_umbrella::dark_sunglasses::sunflower::womans_hat::ice_cream:

Al fresco?

Can I just state my feelings on something here? Blow jobs aren’t all that good imo. Find it all a bit awkward.

wouldn’t be that bothered if i never received or gave another blowjob in my life

getting a handy while having a snog however, now we’re talking


Yeah that’s right good. Because you can’t focus on the one thing going on to the point that you lose all enjoyment.

Also, every time I read ‘Potential Sub Boards’…


Too tired today

And blowjobs are good

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Always in the mood tbf.
That being said, certainly wouldn’t be up for anything going in my chops for at least an hour cause I’ve just had four rounds of PB on toast so gobbing could potensh turn to ralphing


More of a potential switch, bored, myself

Definitely up for some

PB and toast

I’m…sorry, but…?

Bad blow jobs are awful
Good blow jobs are amazing


Blow jobs are like a box of chocolates.

Throwing up!

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