"This thread absolutely sucks!"

That’s right! It’s the vacuum cleaner thread!

What you lot packing?

Need something that alternates between a handheld and an upright with suction to die for and a motor that won’t quit.



fucking KNEW this was going to be about hoovers


And you’re satisfied about it right?

Miele all the way, mate.

Just bought myself a vax for 60 pounds. It’s fine

Reckon you’ll be buying another one for £60 in a couple of years or so pal, think we’re edging towards “false economy” status

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You may be right. But I didn’t have much disposable wedge and I needed a vacuum cleaner, stat.

I do own a vacuum cleaner yes. It’s very useful

I know that game, man

Rarely see ‘stat’ used as a synonym for immediately in the past Tense, or in anything outside a hospital based drama, really

Hoovering is quite a satisfying chore to do, isn’t it.

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I, for one, have never said it aloud

Definitely one of the more palatable ones, friend. That’s a fact.

Ever say “pronto”?

Got this mo-fo for loads cheaper than this in the sales last year:

I’ve never said it

Much like ironing and mowing the lawn, the satisfaction levels are exactly equal to the quality of your appliance


How is it?

Try it when the opportunity next arises

Got a meeting in 45 mins or so, will try and toss it in…