"This thread absolutely sucks!"

Finally ditched the Henry and bought one of these little numbers and I’m still not over how much I love it


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It’s really good man but after 6 years of using a Henry I’d probably say the same about a dustpan and brush.

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Ooft! That’s one sleek little number with curves in all the right places! Lonzy will be in to discuss further soon I imagine

We have this one


It’s good but it doesn’t have a home so it floats about the house which irritates me

We’ve been through loads of crap ones and settled on a Miele C2 Cat & Dog. Far better than anything else we’ve tried.

That’s the dream isn’t it. Do you have the charging dock bit to pop on a wall somewhere?

Quite like this review



my brother has this mad fancy iron that cost a million pounds and it has a huge fucking base thing you have to haul out that produces a shit ton of steam. it’s like the rolls royce of irons.

ironing is still shit even with that.

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Vax power nano for business
Dyson v7 for pleasure

Mine lives at the top of the cellar head

I don’t mind a batch of ironing while watching sports on the telly. If it’s with a good iron

What a sicko

are roomba (rumba?) robots cheap enough to buy yet?

i’d get one of those if they were a decent price

Well you can’t charge it when it’s I need the little wall holder thing?? So never put that up anywhere

Where does your hoover live

  • Utility room
  • Cellar head
  • Under stairs cupboard
  • Out
  • Other cupboard
  • Other
  • spare room

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Mate, you know I’m one of your biggest fans but this is absolute gibberish.

Spare room

Fuck! Knew I’d miss an obvious one

it is now, in the cordless age.

remember the dark days of “oh no, I can’t reach that bit over there, I’m going to have to change plugs or something”. what stupid wankers we all were

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