This thread delivers

What deliveries are you expecting?

Did PN get her bike?

I’m waiting on a coat. It better come soon because if it doesn’t, I’ll have no need of the coat anymore and will simply have to send it back and say “stick your coat!”.

should have called this ‘Karl Malone’


I get this reference

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Yep (though I had to collect it).

Currently waiting for:

shower pump and flange (should be delivered today but the builder said he’ll be at the dump so I suspect they’ll have to redeliver it)

AEG induction hob from the old JLew (Thursday, I think?)

Yesterday we had a fridge/freezer, washing machine, oven and oven extractor hood delivered by Currys. On a Sunday! What a world.

flange :smiley:


Won an amazon kindle fire in a competition (like 3 years ago!?) and they just emailed me end of last week to say they’re sending it out.

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Waiting for some money to be delivered into my account

which model are they sending you, the 3 year old one?

No fucking idea what it does but the shower won’t work without it apparently.

you haven’t been feeling lonely and vulnerable recently (no more than the average disser anyway)?

unfortunately for me, i do not

Waiting for a car dehumidifier beanbag thing (inspired by a thread on here I think)

It’s taking ages

No idea! Maybe?

New rucksack expected today - sick of carrying climbing gear in a large tote.

Nothing. Which is irking, went through entire asos sale yesterday and couldn’t find a thing…

Not sure if I know where you’re going with this

The scamming thread, that’s all

“unlike the postman with his tickets”

OIC. Sorry for ruining your joke.

Don’t worry, it was rubbs anyway