This thread will auto-close in 15 (FIFTEEN) minutes

Maybe 14 by the time I’ve figured it out.

You’d better make it good.

Ohhhhhh shit 12 minutes

woozle wuzzle

How come?

Because I’m testing out my powers.

this’ll be like when old DiS closed and someone had the last post ever


Nice one, I hope you can balance the extra power with the extra responsibility that comes with it

I edited one of bugduv’s posts for fun. But I won’t be doing that again.

If u say Fidel fidel fidel it closes even quicker!!!11

If you say it in the mirror he appears behind you

what did the last poster who got banned get banned for?

I wish this thread could stay open forever :disappointed:

He got banned for asking what the previous person who got banned got banned for.

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I was here


is it still open

EDIT: yes

That was me. I wish I’d said something more profound, but was in a bit of a panic (the boards were literally closing as I posted).

This is gonna be like on eBay when people try outbidding each other in the last few seconds, innit?

I hope it counts down the seconds once we get <1 minute.