This thread will close at 6pm! (Monday banal)

Last person to post in the thread is the winner. Banal.

Went home early ostensibly to avoid the traffic nightmare that the fireworks are going to cause, but really it’s because the bosses are away and I couldn’t be arsed any more.

Getting a lift to the pub! Pizza and beer!

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I wanted to catch the train via Cambridge North tonight but I was put off by having to cycle through Midsummer Common. And now my train is delayed because of the lack of a driver. He was probably caught in traffic too.

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Possible subject for thread: “portion sizes that are wrong”. Soup would qualify: no way does that tin serve two people. (Likewise beans)

Cans are the worst though. Personally, a whole can of beans on toast is too much, but half a can is too little. So then you’re left with a quarter of a tin of cold beans in the fridge.

Of course, the portion size for a bowl of cereal is nowhere near enough, but that’s not so much of a problem, unless you’re trying to work out portions for some kind of catering exercise.

oh god the pizza ordering website is down

i would be tempted to order pizza from the company with the most accurate gps tracker showing pizza location over the company with the straight best pizza

what do you think about that

The cereal ones are just so they can be deceptive about the sugar content

I think that’s a wee bit anal, if I’m being honest with you (which I am).

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i would not be putting it up my bumm

  • have one more coffee before you leave office
  • wait and have coffee at home

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Does somebody pay you to make coffee at home?

probably not

do you sleep okay drinking coffee this late?

decaff, man

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Hello hello

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I’m currently preparing an Excel spreadsheet detailing all the various food preparation tasks I have in advance of Saturday. I stopped short of making a Gantt chart.

Evening officer


granola portions are literally insane. oh sorry you covered this in the next post, I’m very exercised about granola portions and couldn’t wait.