This Time With Alan Partridge





so much for the writers to get stuck into there - Alan will no doubt be the master of the one show transition from happy and lighthearted to terribly terribly sad


Oooh, this sound good!


i am excited about this.


Don’t shine that torch in my face, mate. I’ve just lost a pint of blood.




just let it die already, man



think this could be good, the past couple of documentaries have been a bit dull but this should be a decent format


That’s one way of looking at it. Another way of looking at it is, people like them, let’s make some more of them.



tell you what
tell you what
it’s eight and a half thousand pounds


I’ve really enjoyed the documentaries. If I get just one scene of this quality per episode it will be great:


This starts on Monday


Ooo a LADY rally driver!


I am HYPED. After being skeptical about MMM, the books, the movie, the one-offs and them all turning out great, I feel OK getting a bit excited for this one.

I didn’t read past the headline, and have no trust in the opinion of the Radio Times but since it tells me exactly what I want to hear, I’m sharing it.


didn’t like alpha papa at all, turned it off after 30 mins in fact.
but this makes me want to say “Come back Alan and play some more”


It’s been a very long year waiting for this.

Ya never had a cuppa beans, man?


Just leave it on the step.