This Time With Alan Partridge

Still find it weird that Alan looks younger than he did in 1997


Tim Key filled in on the Elis James and John Robins Radio X show once and Robins introduced him with the Sidekick Simon jingle, but the producer got the wrong one and played the one where it goes "Sieg Hei’l at the end. The panic is probably one of the funniest things I’ve heard


Tim Key fans should check that episode out, it’s superb all round

I’ve just hunted it down

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There’s two, the second one isn’t as good but the first one is great

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The last series of this was shite. Guessing it’s more of the same.

Relistened to these the other day, great stuff.

Also enjoyed when Acaster filled in, his incredulity at Potato Potato

‘you play this every week?!’


Sorry I meant to say “guessing it’s more of the same This Time”

He sounds genuinely annoyed! The Nish Kumar episode is good too with the accidental wrong names

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I don’t like the off camera bits. Wish it was just presented as it would be if it was a real programme.


Think it’s basically just an excuse to bring Lynn back but it does take you out of the premise a bit

do find it weird how they never show Lynn’s face really too, it’s always at odd angles. I guess it’s meant to be showing a camera thats been left but still

Was worried Lynn was being Flanderised last season with too much focus on her religiousness, when she’s a broader and better character than that really. Looks like they’ve scaled that back a bit which it’s good.

Part of the dodgy angles for the Lynn scenes is that she is probably meant to be in her 70’s by now and they’d have to do something with Felicity Montagu for that probably just easier to disguise it a bit with some camerawork.

Brutal doing for Key here


its still ok isn’t it? all the bits that worked last time still work, and the bits that didn’t work still don’t work.

Surely no one is enjoying the ‘joke’ of Tim Key not being able to make the interactive screen thing work (and the Ruth Duggan stuff)? Just get rid of the shit bits guys!!!

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What? Enjoying both of these bits obviously


as you were then!!!
Different strokes etc



Reckon Oast House is comfortably the best partridge since the original series run. Definitely the best character work. Gets better as it goes on too.