This Time With Alan Partridge

I watched some older episodes off the back of that clip and he really was very good in his prime. Smash cut to the last season of Black Mirror and Death to 2020 :face_vomiting:

Probably more likely to get Sunday Bloody Sunday

“It’s actually about a massacre in Derry”

(also the show will be a Friday :wink:)

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God there’s just so much fertile ground for him to be performatively at it :smiley:

Also, you expect too much of me that I would check the dates for a throwaway gag, I’m nowhere near that diligent lol

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Genuinely think he’s savvy enough and knowledgeable enough that he could wind up cross community tbf and that it would be amazing.


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Fucking hell those sunglasses

This is not as good as last weeks. Shame.


BCNR getting their big break here


Wasn’t as good as Bald Brummies Against The Big-Footed Conspiracy Party but, the asides were good.

I’m just gutted the cut out Kallgeese’s section of the show :grinning:

Only just seen, was a weaker one of the series but did laugh a lot a Alan worrying about someone making the Benny Hill video to him while he did a ridiculous run

And he was in The Crown which is enormous worldwide.

This came up on my suggestions on youtube yesterday. Might have to watch the whole thing Clarkson looks incredibly uncomfortable:


i mean it’s very weird to put a guest on the other side of the presenter tbh… just makes it even more awkward for no reason

This was actually my favourite This Time episode. Found it a lot funnier than previous ones.

Where he was passing out in the spitfire was proper funny

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“unfortunately a lot of the interview was unusable”
“…hard frost at this time of year”


“Is your name Roger That?”

‘I’d rather you didn’t do those jokes to me mate as a journalist’

Hit and miss final episode.

Good series overall. The fourth episode with the chemsex feature was the best episode.

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