This twitter guy who's gone to fight ISIS

This twitter guy, pisspiggrandad (uh-huh) has joined the Kurdish militia YPG and is fighting Daesh while wearing hipster glasses and tweeting about it and whatnot. Thoughts?

Also if anyone knows about the “Irony Left” and various other aspects of this weirdness, please let me know what it it’s all about.


That is a great picture tbf.

There was a doc on BBC last year or sometime about British people joining them to fight ISIS. I was pretty sad, most of them and lots of the Kurdish fighters featured (men and women) all died.

I think this is the thing that’s finally pushed me into not knowing anything about the modern world any more.

I’m just going to retreat into my shell and watch nothing but old Simpsons episodes and listen to nothing but The Donnas until I die.

So he’s like people who went to fight in the Spanish Civil War?

I’m not being funny here, is that what this is like?

Yeah its pretty laudable.

Pretty much, but probably with a heavy sense of irony replacing idealism

Pisspig and his crew



But what sort of irony? I’m genuinely unsure here. Going off to get possibly killed for laughs?

seems pretty brave and impressive.
first thing i thought when i saw the pictures was joker from full metal jacket though


Yeah, I just don’t know how to interpret anything anymore.

I know a guy who writes just like him, but hasn’t done anything useful like go and help the Kurds vs ISIS. I don’t like him much.

If I did this would I be forum guy Balonz?

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probably wouldn’t be able to fight as well if he wasnt wearing his glasses

The left needs to rediscover the possibility of revolutionary violence as a tool for social change.

mumsnet guy maybe

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I don’t doubt that he does believe it, because otherwise why would he do it, the irony thing is just about the discourse around it - like I just don’t know how to read it or follow the conversations.

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yeah i have absolutely no fucking idea what his timeline’s about

cute dog though

Y’know how hawkish militaristic fervour’s a real shame
It even is when it’s for a politically understandable cause