This Way Up (TV show)

Just watched all of this, thought it was very good


Been watching the first series on my lunch breaks so I can watch the 2nd with my partner.

Only a couple in so far but agreed it’s really good.


Watched the first series but not the second yet, the first was very good imo


It’s a really good series. I wasn’t such a fan of Aisling Bea’s stuff I’d seen on panel shows etc but she’s absolutely wonderful in this

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what do you call postman pat when he’s on holiday?

We’re just into S2 and yeah very good although hard to separate Richard from the Duke of Edinburgh

Thought this was a thread about the Brian Conley series…

S1 was great. Love Aisling Bea but only watched it a few months ago, as I think I’d mixed it up with the Paul Rudd one she was in which sounded shit.

Only watched ep 1 of S2 so far but looking forward to the rest