THIS WEEKEND: The Staying in your House Championships return

Ah my friends, it’s that time of year again. No complaints about me choosing this weekend either, the annual competition will be back before the end of the year so there’s always another chance to win.

Ready yourselves. Buy your doritos. Find your favourite joggers.

Competition begins at 9am (GMT) Saturday.

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Fucks sake. I’m only working Fri Sat Sun then off for 7 days so would fucking own this competition.

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Just a sample of last year’s excitement


Fuck sake, I can easily go most weekends without leaving the house but I’ve got family visiting on Saturday.

Ahm oot.

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What’s the prize? Could technically do this if I made guests being fresh bread on Saturday and don’t leave the house on Sunday.

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Wait a sec. Can you go into the garden?

Little doughy friends :grinning:


we’ve had issues with this over past tournies and i think probably not. it’s unfair on non-garden-owners.


for fucks sake

you could have given us notice!!!


the prize is being the last person to leave the house. some people will absolutely be able to pretty far into the week.


My fave friends are soft, fresh and edible.



Ahm oot

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Conveniently this is a weekend I’m staying in Newcastle, where I have neither friends nor partner to trick me into going outside.


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Let’s make this a YouTube challenge.

I’m going to be a massive loser in this. I’m on childcare duties all afternoon, so the morning is the only chance I’ll have to pop out to the shops and do things for me. Reckon I might make it to 10, 10.30 maybe.

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live streaming constantly to prove you haven’t left the house

Ha, I’ve got St. Paul’s Carnival and a friend’s birthday on Saturday. I’ll be out of this by 10am.

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I only need to do laundry this weekend and the washer and dryer are in the building. I usually spend all day Sunday inside, anyway.

why would anybody do this?!