This week's football thread (23/01 to 26/01)

Think we can just have one thread until the FA Cup starts, yeah?

Only the two Carling Cup games and a lot of transfer rumours to get us through to Friday, outside of any BIG WEEKEND ANALYSIS. Any speculation on how many games the official who Wenger pushed will be banned for?

Hey, here’s a FUN and TOPICAL sub thread:

Name your favourite Wayne Rooney goal.

This is mine:

Either the flukey shin hit against Man City or the flukey cross that ended up going in at the weekend, or that flukey toe-poke that Adrian let in against West Ham.

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Only ever seems to be the fans of whichever team Mourinho’s managing who care about the things Arsene does.

If I was ever standing next to Anthony Taylor I’d struggle to limit myself to a simple push tbh

Nah, I’ve personally thought he’s a cunner who gets way less stick for being a cunner than he deserves under our last four managers.

I think that’s really weird.

Nah man, he’s definitely got a side to him that he largely avoids criticism for having, it’s the avoiding of criticism that winds me up more than his actual actions ever do.

he gets an easier ride for these things because he’s generally much much much much less of a snarky, impetuous child than yer Mourinhos, yer Fergies etc


Nah. A lot of what he says and does gets blown way out of proportion or taken out of context. Pushing is a perfect example, I mean who cares?

Nobody cares but literally anyone else gets slaughtered for it and he doesn’t

That’s the thing though, he isn’t, he’s every bit as snarky and impetuous and yet he doesn’t seem to be seen that way, it’s just a bit weird is all.

YOU seem to see him in a way that no-one else does, and we’re all wrong? Got it Donald.

Applying :fire: after the pitch has already frozen (subs: you think of something ffs).

Uh oh! Sorry everyone!

From the neutral stand (craven cottage joke) I agree with @antonypocalypsenow. Wenger’s a rizla-skinned berk and an appalling loser but has gotten away with it because of a) a reputation that’s about a decade and a half out of date and b) the fact there’s always been another top of the league manager who’s worse than him (Ferguson then Mourinho). If a midtable journeyman manager had the same rap sheet they’d have the reputation to match


mentioned it yesterday, this is still amazing


Thanks, mate

his coat yesterday was fucking RIDICULOUS

The Daily Star is weird: