This week's football thread (23/01 to 26/01)


Weird isn’t the first word I think of when thinking of the Daily Star.

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We’ve signed Lazar Markovic on loan for the rest of the season… I had genuinely forgotten that he existed. If I try hard I can faintly remember him being a bit crap for Liverpool and that he got a really harsh red card against Basel

Do you think this is to allow Snodgrass to move on, or an additional signing to Snodgrass?

Love how everything in the lower depths of the Premiership has become relative to and revolve around a scruffy Scottish bloke with a comical name who is quite good at free kicks. The Snodiverse


I think it’s a bit of both. The club are probably preparing for when a bid of what they want for Snodgrass happens, but we’re desperately short of players (especially wingers) anyway so getting someone on loan does make sense…

But the squad is so thin and lengthy injuries are happening so frequently, we should be hanging on to every player we’ve got. The window isn’t over yet but I don’t see the Livermore money being reinvested either. It’s hard to stay optimistic at the moment.

The great escape for Payet doesn’t seem to be happening. Marseille have had their third bid knocked back, probably at around £20-24 million? How much West Ham want for him I’m not sure. He’s 30 in a few months and if he doesn’t play for the rest of the season his stock will only go down.

Apparently they have ended their interest in Payet and moved in to other targets but that’s probably just to force West Ham’s hand.

Marseille are after Cabaye. Cabaye has been poor for us but picked up a little recently when played further forward rather than as a DM which I never understood. He looked better with Remy on Saturday. Not sure how I’d feel if we lost Cabaye, Remy may bring the best out of him.

But I wouldn’t say no to losing Cabaye and gaining Snodgrass.

James Hanson’s off to Sheff Utd
best moment of my life when this went in


Unlucky for whoever play Hull next!


I’ve seen my fair share of bad performances at Selhurst Park. But this film…



“Well, you know what they say… a friend helps you move, but a true friend helps you move a dead body.”


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I’ll just leave this here.

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Lescott to Sunderland DONE. I have to say my usually unshakable faith in them somehow escaping relegation is taking a bit of a battering this year.


Aye, this is going to be the most miraculous one yet

Patrick van Aanholt is apparently on his way to us as well.

Probably the two best technical football teams in the most competitive high quality league in world football meet tonight at the Mad Stad. Guaranteed humdinger.

Oh, ruffers’ lads are going to take a shoeing at Brighton too if that’s more your sort of thing

how long a suspension do you think the FA will dish out for Wenger?

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  • 2 games
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  • 4 games

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the last panel <3